[Unbound-users] Local zone in another server
Norberto Altalef
2015-07-06 02:00:06 UTC
Hi. I'm moving a bind service on OpenBSD to unbound.

I have a custom configuration that I wish solve using unbound, but I
didn't find the rigth way. In fact don't know if it's possible.

One of my customers has an internal DNS running (Active Directory),
with some internal only hostnames and others that overwrites external
address with the internal value.
In adition they have an external DNS that has public records.

I need to setup a DNS server that could resolve both records types.

Only as a test I added to unbound some local records and left the rest
to be forwarder to the external server, and works perfect, but I don't
wish to keep manually updated the local records.

Is there ane way to obtain local records from the internal DNS ?
Or is it possible to forward initially to the internal DNS and if the
record is not there forward to the external ?

Let me say that the situation is worst with bind, since I need to keep
a manual copy from both external and internal records.

Many thanks in advance